Teen who plotted to kill family gets 10-20 years

Oralandar Brand-Williams
The Detroit News

A Plymouth Township teen was sentenced Monday to 10-20 years behind bars for a plot, hatched with her adult boyfriend, to kill her family nearly two years ago.

Roksana Sikorski, who recently turned 17, tearfully apologized to her adoptive parents, Jeffrey and Laurene Sikorksi, for the October 2014 incident and for “not being the daughter they wished I would be.”

She pleaded guilty in February to assault with intent to murder. She stabbed her younger brother — who has since recovered — and fled out a window after her sister saw what she was doing and screamed.

Just minutes earlier the girl’s mother, Laurene Sikorski, asked Wayne County Circuit Judge James Callahan for leniency in sentencing the girl saying “Roxie was misled and used” by her older boyfriend, who was 22 at the time of the attack.

“Nothing will benefit this child by sending her to jail,” she said. “She made some poor choices which led her to this conviction.”

The mother said her daughter “had limited guidance” in making a decision on the plea deal which brought her the 10-20 year prison sentence saying, “I question my daughter’s understanding of the plea deal.”

Laurene Sikorski also asked that her daughter receive mental treatment while in prison. She said the teen will miss out on many of life’s milestones as a result of being behind bars.

“She will miss her high school prom, her graduation, her friends and family,” Laurene Sikorski said.

Before the sentencing, the Sikorskis defended the teen in comments to The Detroit News.

Defense attorney Matthew Evans said the girl was “certainly influenced” by the older former boyfriend Michael Rivera, who is serving a life sentence for the plan to kill Roksana Sikorski’s parents and two younger siblings. Police say he texted instructions to his girlfriend: “ ... stab like ... ur (sic) cutting a tomato.”

Evans asked Callahan for a request that the girl stay in the Calumet Correctional Facility in Highland Park until she is 18. Afterward, she would begin serving her sentence in an adult prison. Callahan agreed.

Callahan called the girl’s actions “unfortunate ... bizarre” and noted she had been “swayed” by the older boyfriend, who received life in prison for his part in the plot.

After the sentencing hearing, Evans said Roksana Sikorski made the decision, based upon his advice, to take the plea deal instead of going to trial.

“It was her decision. It was totally her decision,” Evans said Monday.

He added had the teen gone to trial there was “a significant chance of her losing and getting convicted.”

The girl’s first attorney, Leslie Posner, said she is advising the girl’s parents to seek a Leave to Appeal, a legal strategy which could lead to the teen getting a new trial.

Posner said she would have handled the proceedings differently.

“I would have kept their feet to the fire to charge her as a juvenile,” said Posner, who was at the courthouse for the sentencing. “I would have had her get up there and tell her story.”

Jeffrey Sikorski said he was “disgusted” at how the case against his daughter unfolded and ended. He said he worries how she will deal with being in prison.

“She’s vulnerable. She’s young,” Jeffrey Sikorski said.

The Sikorskis adopted Roksana and her two siblings from an orphanage in Poland.

In text messages provided to The Detroit News by Laurene Sikorski, Rivera allegedly encouraged and advised Roksana how to cut her family’s throats.

“Baby im (sic) here im (sic) here just cut the throat quickly on both of them ... Just stab there necks baby at the artery,” reads texts allegedly sent by Rivera. The girl allegedly replied: “I can’t. I’m not a psycho.”

Rivera allegedly later texted the girl: “ ... stab like slice but like ur (sic) cutting a tomato.” The girl allegedly tells him “Ok so one slice is all it takes?”


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