Officials for the Third Circuit Court of Wayne County on Monday warned Metro Detroiters of a telephone scam regarding jury duty.

Court officials say the scheme involves someone advising people by phone they missed jury duty and they must pay a fine or face jail. The caller says they are calling from Chief Judge Robert J. Colombo Jr.’s office.

Court officials advised in a press release that if anyone gets a phone call asking for money it is not from the court or anyone connected with the court. People are urged not to respond to the call or to send any money. The public is also asked to get as much information from the caller and to contact their local police department.

Those who miss jury duty will not receive a phone call requesting money or threatening arrest, court official said. Those who missed jury duty at the Coleman A. Young Center should contact the court (313) 224-5650; and those who missed jury duty at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice should call (313) 224-2507.

Those who do not call may receive a show cause order requiring their presence in court on a specific date to explain why they missed court, according to court officials.

(313) 222-2027

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