Check out this Livonia library video on summer reading

Candice Williams
The Detroit News

Staff members at Livonia Public Library consider themselves pretty creative when it comes to promoting the summer reading program, but they never expected their latest video would garner national attention.

That’s what happened last week when clips of the 7-minute video appeared on CBS’ “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

The video features stunt doubles for the librarians as they do parkour: running, vaulting and hurling themselves as they head to the library and then around the library in their quest to fill book recommendations.

“That was a total surprise to us,” library director Toni LaPorte said of the video reaching late-night television. “Oh my gosh. It’s almost surreal that it went on national TV.”

In one of two televised clips, LaPorte’s stunt double jumps from the roof of Livonia City Hall, prompting cheers and applause from the audience.

“They liked it. They laughed,” LaPorte said.

Others are seen rolling over library counters, up staircases, scaling book shelves and rolling across desks to accommodate patrons’ reading requests.

Corden poked fun at the video.

“Now, here’s the thing,” he said. “ ... I don’t mean to nitpick, right, but I’m just going to say I don’t think that librarian actually jumped off that roof. I can just see some kid after jumping off his roof going, ‘I did it cause I wanted to be cool. You know, like a librarian.’ ”

As of Monday, the video had received more than 30,000 views since it was posted on the library’s Facebook page May 12.

“It’s been crazy,” LaPorte said. “We had shares all over the world. We’ve had shares in Thailand, Australia and of course different states.”

On Saturday, the Phoenix Freerunning Academy, which provided the stunt doubles, participated in the library’s kick-off for its summer reading program. Nearby 400 people attended and about 150 kids signed up for the program.

Karen Smith, head of children services for the library, thinks the video helped drum up interest. Smith was out of town at the time of the video taping, but said her peers did a great job.

“A couple librarians are hams and really enjoy doing things like that,” she said.

Videos promoting the summer reading program in previous years featured super hero and science themes.

“We have set the bar pretty high,” Smith said of this year’s video. “We were kind of joking that we’re going to have to really think about what we’re going to do next year.”