Dearborn marks 63rd anniversary of Korean War armistice

The Detroit News

Dearborn — A ceremony Wednesday at Dearborn’s Korean War Living Memorial marked the 63rd anniversary of the armistice that ended the conflict in which more than 36,000 Americans died.

The death toll from the war on the Korean peninsula, which started in June 1950 and ended July 27, 1953, included 26 Dearborn residents, who were honored during the event at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center.

A wreath was placed at the memorial by Korean War veterans to pay respect to the Dearborn servicemen who died during the war, as well as all those who served.

More than 5 million Americans served in the war, which ended with the peninsula divided between the communist North and the U.S.-allied South, a situation that remains today. During the fighting, 103,000 Americans were wounded, and 8,177 were listed as missing in action.