State police busy over weekend with car chases

Mark Hicks, The Detroit News

One driver and a passenger hid in a parked car. Another motorist crawled under a house. Another hit a tree, and a fourth struck a church porch.

Michigan State Police troopers were busy last weekend trying to round up people who fled traffic stops in Metro Detroit and took great lengths to avoid arrest.

The wild episodes started at about 9:45 p.m. Friday, when troopers from the Special Enforcement Section, Secure Cities Partnership Detroit tried to stop a vehicle near Grayton and Balfour on the city’s northeast side.

The driver didn’t stop, so troopers pursued the vehicle south until they reached the Interstate 94 service drive, state police said in a statement. However, “the suspect vehicle failed to recognize it was a T-intersection and had a collision with the guard rail on the I-94 service drive at Grayton,” the release said. “The troopers pursuing the vehicle were unable to stop in a clear distance and also struck the same guard rail.”

Since both of the vehicles were stalled, troopers apprehended two of the four fleeing there, but the driver and a second passenger fled on foot, state police said.

A K9 and troopers tracked them through numerous yards until reaching one with a vehicle parked out back, where the pair was found hiding inside, according to the release.

Investigators also learned the car they’d been fleeing in was reported stolen, state police said.

All four were held at the Detroit Detention Center pending a prosecutor’s review.

Another driver in a Chevy Impala SS led troopers on a chase at about 12:50 a.m. Saturday on the east side, MSP said.

After fleeing from Gratiot to Kilbourne to Chalmers, “the vehicle turned onto Hayes Road, where he lost control near Haverhill and hit a tree causing his vehicle to roll over,” state police said.

Once extracting the driver, troopers performed CPR until EMS personnel arrived, according to the statement.

The driver, who has not been named, was transported to a hospital. A probe was pending his recovery, state police said Monday.

Another chase was initiated at about 2:50 a.m. Saturday, when a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria refused to stop near Harper and Burns for troopers who noted its improper registration, MSP said.

Troopers pursued the vehicle for a few blocks on the east side until they entered onto westbound I-94, “at which time the suspect sustained a flat tire,” state police said.

But the pursuit continued to Mt. Elliott, when the driver and passenger fled and ran up an embankment, according to the release.

“The driver was caught topside after a short foot pursuit,” the notice read. “The passenger was eventually located hiding in the bushes on the embankment of I-94 and Mt Elliott. During the arrest of the passenger, a Taser was deployed with effective results and the subject was taken into custody.”

The vehicle they left also was reported stolen, state police said.

A similar scene played out Saturday when troopers pursued a 2006 Hyundai near Moross and Rossiter for a traffic violation.

“While fleeing north on Hayes, troopers executed a PIT maneuver on the vehicle with positive results,” state police said. However, the driver still fled on foot and ran east through an alley.

A K9 tracked him to under the foundation of an abandoned home on Lappin. When the driver refused to come out, troopers used pepper spray, state police said. “The suspect eventually crawled to a point where troopers could get a hold of him and pulled him out from under the house.”

The man, who had multiple felony arrest warrants in other jurisdictions, was taken into custody.

A fifth chase unfolded at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday, when Metro South Post troopers tried to stop a vehicle near I-96 and Scotten in Detroit.

“Troopers pursued the vehicle for approximately three minutes and lost sight of the suspect near northbound Dexter Ave. and M-10,” state police said.

After searching, troopers found the vehicle after it had crashed into the porch at the Church of New Covenant Baptist, according to the agency.

The driver was still behind the wheel and tried to open the car door after troopers ordered him to stay in side. During his arrest, “he continued to kick and punch in order to get away,” MSP said.

The suspect sustained injuries in the crash and was taken to a hospital for treatment. State police are continuing to investigate the incident, the agency said Monday.