Highland Park — A person of interest is being held by police in connection with the body of a woman dressed for a party found earlier Monday beaten and dumped in a condemned parking garage.

City spokeswoman Marli Blackman said tips led authorities to the man Monday evening based on the publicized description of the woman. She was dressed up in furry boots, a gold belt and a pink shirt and pants as if she was going to or coming from a party.

The body was found around 2:45 p.m. Monday by urban explorers inside the two-story parking structure at 211 Glendale St. Authorities believe she’d been there for a couple of days.

“We have a person of interest in custody,” Blackman. “Now we are doing what we have to do to further the investigation.”

The woman is described as African-American, 5-feet and 111 pounds. She’s believed to be 20 or 21 years old, Blackman said.

Blackman said the woman’s body was transported to the medical examiner’s office. Authorities didn’t expect to have the woman’s identity or cause of death confirmed until Tuesday.

The victim's brother attempted to identify her on Tuesday, but was unable to make a positive identification because “her face was so mangled,” Blackman said. The Wayne County Medical Examiner reconstructed her face as much as it could, but that still wasn’t enough. Now they’re working to ID her via fingerprints, Blackman said.

Blackman said it’s unclear where the woman was killed before she was dumped in the garage.

“Highland Park is not a dumping facility. We are not taking this lightly,” she said. “We need to make sure people understand our police department works all night long to make sure our city stays safe. You cannot just do whatever you are going to do in the city of Highland Park. We’re not going to stand for it.”

Anyone with information about the killing or the victim is asked to call Highland Park Police Department at (313) 852-7338.

Staff Writer James David Dickson contributed.

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