Ex-boyfriend faces murder charge in woman’s death

Oralandar Brand-Williams
The Detroit News

The former boyfriend of a woman whose body was found in an abandoned parking garage in Highland Park was arraigned Friday in connection with her death.

Durico Moses, 46, of Detroit was formally charged with the murder of 44-year-old Treashell Spears.

Durico Moses, 46, of Detroit was formally charged with the murder of 44-year-old Treashell Spears. A not-guilty plea was entered on Moses’ behalf by 30th District Judge Brigette Officer-Hill.

Moses was denied bond. A probable cause conference was scheduled for Jan. 17 in the Highland Park district court.

Moses did not have an attorney to represent him Friday. The judge cited Moses as a habitual offender and noted criminal charges against him included several in 1997, such as armed robbery and criminal sexual conduct.

Dearborn authorities also requested a warrant against Moses in August 2016 for aggravated domestic violence, according to Wayne County court records.

According to Worthy’s office, Moses and Spears, with whom he had a prior relationship, met Dec. 30 at a local store.

An argument ensued between the pair, authorities said. Witnesses told authorities they later saw blood on Moses, police said.

Spears’ body was found in a parking structure Monday on Glendale near Woodward by a group of people exploring abandoned urban structures.

Spears’ sister, April Hill, and other relatives attended the arraignment. They spoke afterward following a news conference on the murder.

Hill broke down several times as she spoke about her sister and how her life allegedly ended. Spears and Moses had made plans to go out for New Year’s Eve, Hills said. Spears’ body was found two days later.

Highland Park Mayor Hubert Yopp consoles April Hill, left, sister of murder victim Treashell Spears.

“What possessed you as a man to kill my sister. What (does) a woman do for a man so bad that you want to put your hands on her. You shouldn’t even put your hands on no woman... and you then you got the audacity to kill her,” said Hill Friday. “You’re going to get what you deserve.”

Shauna Colin, who is engaged to Spears’ son Ronnie, said she couldn’t believe Moses would attack Spears, who was 4-feet-11-inches and weighed 110 pounds, given Moses’ height advantage. She said no woman “deserves” to be beaten that way.

“He could have walked away. (There)was nothing she could have done or say to make him do that to her,” said Colin, the mother of Spears’ two grandchildren. “Why? Why? Why? Why would you do that to a woman that small? He’s 7 feet tall. One hit (and) she’s out cold but you beat her to a pulp? You beat her to a pulp. You dropped her off like a piece of garbage.”

Colin said Spears and Moses were supposed to be going out for New Year’s Eve. They planned to a trip that was going to be a “big surprise” for Spears.

It is believed the woman had been there for a couple of days. It’s not clear, Highland Park spokeswoman Marli Blackman said, if Spears was killed somewhere else and brought to the parking lot.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office identified Wednesday the dead woman found in this abandoned parking structure in Highland Park.

During a news conference following Moses’ arraignment, Highland Park Mayor Hubert Yopp delivered a stern warning to absentee property owners that the city is coming after them with warrants “for those who have violated the law in leaving their structures” unsecured and for violation of city ordinances.

“We will be arresting folks for violation of that ordinance,” said Yopp. “This is a new day for us. A new administration took office Jan. 2016. We are going to return our city to excellence and we’re going to do it the only way we know how and that’s by enforcing the law making this a safe place to live and a safe place to work.”

Yopp said he visited the murder scene and said “it’s important that we secure these areas.”


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Detroit News staff writer Jennifer Chambers contributed.