Airport: ‘Super drunk’ driver crashes through fence

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

An alleged drunk driver is facing several charges, including violation of Michigan’s “super drunk” law for intoxicated drivers, after allegedly driving through a fence at Detroit Metro Airport and then leaving the scene before being arrested early Sunday, according to an airport statement.

“... An intoxicated driver hit a perimeter fence at Detroit Metropolitan Airport," the statement said. "The car went through the fence onto an airport service road. The driver stopped and minutes later managed to leave the scene.” The driver never accessed the airport’s six runways, the statement said.

The driver and a passenger were found later by Airport Authority Police “near Middle Belt and I-94.” The driver was arrested without incident.

The driver faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident, breach of security, which is an airport ordinance, and driving while “super drunk,” which applies when blood-alcohol content is above 0.17.

The passenger was cited for breach of security and released from police custody.