Surveillance video shows a suspect in Westland's K-mart wanted for two thefts at the store. He is described by police as age 25-30, bearded and wearing a dark-colored winter coat with a hood.


Westland police are on the hunt for a man wanted in two thefts last month from the same K-Mart store.

The suspect made two trips Dec. 15 into the store at 165 S. Wayne to steal unspecified items, according to officials.

"In both instances the suspect exited the K-Mart through a back room with items that he did not purchase," police said. "He was seen leaving in a bronze or brown Chevrolet Impala or Caprice that was driven by another unknown suspect."

Police on Tuesday released grainy surveillance footage that appeared to show a man pushing an overflowing cart through a dark room. Officials also distributed a still photo of the suspect in the store before fleeing with stolen items.

The suspect is described by police as 25-30 years old. He had a beard and was wearing a dark-colored winter coat with a hood.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Westland police at (734) 722-9600

(313) 223-4616


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