Hit-and-run driver crashes into Rockwood home

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Police are investigating a Wednesday morning crash that police say involves a hit-and-run-driver, plus a home, in Rockwood.

The driver of the vehicle, a 25-year-old Monroe County man, is in critical condition at a hospital, said Rockwood Police Chief Stephen Rowe.

"He's in very bad shape," the chief said. "He's not doing well."

Police are not releasing the man's name at this time, Rowe said.

Officials said the incident happened at about 3:30 a.m. when the driver traveling in a Buick Rendezvous on Telegraph near Huron River Drive in Flat Rock struck a motorcyclist and fled the scene. The motorcyclist was not seriously injured, according to police.

Rowe said the motorist then took Huron River east into the city of Rockwood. He said evidence indicates the driver was speeding when he missed a curve near Olmstead Road and slammed into a car parked in a home's driveway.

The force pushed the parked car into the driveway of a neighboring home, he said.

"From there, he glanced off the porch and into an attached garage," Rowe said. "He took off brick and everything else, hit the car inside the garage and broke the front window of the house. It was significant. A lot of damage."

The homeowner and his family were awoken by the commotion but were unharmed, the police chief said.

Investigators are working to determine whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash, he also said.