Former Dearborn councilwoman Hubbard dies

Charles E. Ramirez, and James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the location of Sunday's memorial luncheon.

Nancy Hubbard, a former Dearborn City councilwoman and the daughter of longtime Dearborn Mayor Orville Hubbard, has died at the age of 84.

Nancy Hubbard died Monday night at a senior independent living center she called home, said her son John Dmytro.

In a statement, Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly said: “Nancy Hubbard had a front row seat to much of Dearborn’s history, and so had a deep commitment to keeping our community a special place. As a councilwoman, she took pride in the personal attention she gave to residents when they contacted her office.”

Nancy Hubbard

The mayor’s statement continued: “She also was honored to hold the council president pro tem leadership position for 16 years, and to have a role in major economic projects at a time of significant growth in Dearborn. She is leaving a legacy in her own right, and will be missed by the many residents she listened to and stood up for during her long career as a public servant.”

Nancy Hubbard will be buried alongside her father in Union City at the Riverside Cemetery, said her daughter Nancy Costello. The remains of her husband John R. Dmytro, who was cremated, will be buried with Mrs. Hubbard, the family said.

Her husband, who died in June 2013 at the age of 89, was a World War II veteran, "a gunner in a B-24," son John said. He could have been buried at Arlington National Cemetery, and reporting from the time of his death said he would be.

But he never was. She wanted to be buried with him, the family said, but also wanted to be buried alongside her father in Union City. A ceremony with "full military honors" is expected when John and Nancy are interred, son John Dmytro said.

The family will remember her in a private service Saturday. A public memorial will take place Sunday at The Henry hotel, 300 Town Center Drive in Dearborn, the family said.

Nancy Hubbard is survived by her son John Dmytro and his wife Sherry; her daughter Nancy Costello and her husband Tom; grandsons Ryan Hubbard Costello and Jackson Thomas Costello; another son Jeffrey and partner Judi; and a brother, James C. Hubbard, a retired Dearborn police officer.