Allen Park police are working to find a man caught on camera trying to carjack a woman Thursday in a move that prompted a surprising reaction from the victim.

Authorities released surveillance footage that showed the suspect casually walking, hands in pockets, toward the driver as she filled up a Chevy at a BP gas station near Roosevelt and Southfield at around 1:15 p.m.

The man sidles up to her front door, swings it open, then attempts to speed off. It didn’t go off as planned: Once the woman sees her car pulling away from the pump, her hand still on the hose, which is still in the gas tank, she leaps into the passenger side of the car as it pulls away, yanking the hose from the pump. The car swings around and moves toward an exit.

Seconds later, as the driver attempts to slide past a tanker nearby, the tanker driver rushes to the vehicle and moves to pull the carjacker out. The pair is filmed in a prolonged tussle before the suspect sheds his outerwear and darts into traffic to escape.

The victim was unharmed and the suspect did not use a weapon, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Allen Park Police Department at (313) 386-7800.

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