State: Ecorse no longer in receivership

The Detroit News

The Wayne County suburb of Ecorse, population 9,000, is no longer in financial receivership, the Michigan Department of Treasury announced Monday.

"Effective immediately, city leadership will regain full local control and manage all internal operations with finances without state oversight," the state's statement on the matter said.

City of Ecorse seal

Ecorse had been under the case of a Receivership Transition Advisory Board since April 2013. Four years earlier, in October 2009, then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm directed the Local Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Board to direct an emergency financial manager for Ecorse. 

By April 2013, the city's financial emergency was resolved, but it would take another four and a half years to transition back to full local control. 

"Ecorse is ready to govern on its own," Ecorse Mayor Lamar Tidwell said in the statement. In fiscal year 2017, Ecorse came out with a general fund surplus, and expenditures are expected to be less than revenues.

Only Flint and Hamtramck remain in state receivership.