Michigan State Police crack down on Southfield Freeway

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
MSP stops another speeder who entered the freeway ramp at 65 mph.

Michigan State Police are heavily monitoring the Southfield Freeway after numerous complaints about speeders.

The state police issued a warning on Twitter on Tuesday saying they are listening to complaints and "The Special Enforcement Section will be on the lookout for speeders on M39 for awhile."

On Wednesday MSP tweeted they stopped 47 cars on the Southfield for speeding, distracted driving, tailgating and multiple lanes changes and one person for having faulty brake lights.

During the stops they found four people with warrants and said: "best news being no crashes" and people driving the 55mph speed limit. 

Some were stopped for texting or not wearing a seatbelt on, a three-point violation in Michigan. Drivers can also be stopped for speeding up to 10 mph and given a two-point violation. Driving 16 mph or faster above the limit is a four-point violation and anything considered reckless driving is a six-point violation. All point violations increase during bad weather road conditions.