Detroit — An 18-year-old Taylor man was sentenced Wednesday to 10-15 years in prison for the fatal stabbing of a father who was trying to defend his sons in a fight over stolen prescription pills.

“I hope the sentence will provide for punishment .... retribution,” said Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Talon in handing out Stacy Wayne Rose Jr.’s punishment. “I hope will deter others.”

Talon added Rose has been involved in crime since he was 12 and that “efforts to rehabilitate him have not been successful. I find your rehabilitative potential low or nil at the present time.”

Rose was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in November in the death of 49-year-old Robert Briscoe Sr. of Huron Township. He had been originally charged with murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Rose fatally stabbed Briscoe last summer when Briscoe stepped in during a fight between his three sons and a group of other teens. The brawl was over Adderall, a highly addictive stimulant that’s used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The altercation followed a series of alleged threats by Rose.

Rose said he didn’t intend to stab Briscoe but that he was blindly swinging the knife to defend himself during the melee and that the elder Briscoe ended up getting stabbed in the throat. The victim’s wife and other family members witnessed the fatal stabbing around 10:30 p.m. July 30 at the Huron Estates mobile home park.

Talon took nearly two hours in explaining the events of the fight, which the judge said the victim’s two sons “set in motion” by allegedly stealing the two prescription pills.

Rose’ attorney Marc Lakin said he “definitely” plans to appeal the sentencing and reiterated his contention that his client did not mean to kill Briscoe and that the fatal stabbing of Briscoe was a “natural reaction.”

“Mr. Rose didn’t mean to kill anyone,” said Lakin “It was not intentional (act). I’m sure the jury felt he was not guilty at all and that it was a compromise verdict.”

Talon added: “I don’t lay blame for Mr. Briscoe’s death on anyone other than the defendant.” The judge also noted “the defendant is the one who brought the knife” to the confrontation.

Rose was sentenced under guidelines that included a juvenile record for retail fraud and assault and battery when he was 12.

Rose shuffled his feet during the sentencing hearing as people in the packed courtroom listened to Talon, anxiously awaiting his sentencing.

Talon said he received “nice” letters from Rose’s pastor and his friends telling the judge “how remorseful he is for what he has done” but the judge noted young people can act differently when they are aware from their houses of worship.

Sandy Briscoe, the victim’s sister, said the outcome was fair but that she had hoped for more prison time for Rose.

“I don’t feel justice was served but I’m glad he got what he got because I think it was first degree murder myself,” she said Wednesday following Rose’s sentence.

Rose’ aunt Cynthia Gorkey was angry over the sentencing said the case was “all lies”.

“If they all knew the truth,” said Gorkey Wednesday. “It probably wouldn’t have ended up like this. It was all over drugs.”

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