The 22-year-old non-custodial father of a 2-year-old Rouge River boy has been charged with kidnapping, court records show.

Steven Miracle was denied bond and ordered not to contact any victims in the case during an arraignment on Friday in 25th District Court in Lincoln Park, according to court records. 

Miracle is charged with three counts of kidnapping, one count of unlawful imprisonment and one count of unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle. On Tuesday, Michigan State Police had issued an alert in Statton's disappearance.

His son, Denver Statton, 2, had been last seen about 7 a.m. Monday on the 80 block of Pine Street, near West Jefferson Avenue and Coolidge Highway in River Rouge. Miracle had spent the night at the boy's home, but allegedly left town and stole a vehicle in the course of abducting the boy and fleeing, police said. According to media reports, Statton was found safe on Tuesday.

Joelle Ida Jones, 21, has been charged in the case as well, with one count of accessory after the fact and one count of unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle. At her arraignment Friday, Jones was also denied bond. 

Both suspects are due back in court on Jan. 23 for probable cause conferences, before different judges. Miracle's conference will  be heard by Judge David Zelenak, while Jones' will be heard by Judge Gregory Clifton.

Both suspects live in Ypsilanti, in separate homes, court records show. Both are being held at Wayne County Jail.

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