MSP: Tie-down, not bullet, hits car in Detroit

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

A tie-down strap may have caused what a motorists thought was a gunshot, Michigan State Police said.

Authorities say Michigan troopers will start enforcement efforts starting Wednesday. That will include looking for impaired driving, seat belt use, careless driving and speeding.

Troopers received a call from Detroit Police at about 7:55 a.m. Monday that a resident reported to them that a shooting happened while they were driving on Interstate 94 near Mount Elliott, officials said.

Troopers responded and inspected the vehicle. They found no evidence of gunshots, officials said.

However, they found what appears to the remnants of a truck tie-down cable, they said. The troopers said it appears the cable broke the resident's car window and struck a seat's headrest.

Troopers remind motorists who believe they are victims of a crime while on a freeway to stop when safe to do so and call 911. Valuable information and evidence can be lost if the victim waits until they get home to report it, they said.