Michigan Lottery players, check your tickets. 

Two lottery winners have yet to claim a total of $2.2 million in prize money for drawings held this past weekend. 

One winning ticket was for the state's Lotto 47 purchased at Speedway, 8450 Merriman Road, in Romulus. The six balls drawn Saturday were 01-06-18-39-43-44.  

The prize is $1.2 million. 

The other winning ticket was for the Mega Millions with a prize of $1 million. That ticket was purchased at the Kroger, 6370 Dixie Highway, in Bridgeport, MI. It matched the five white balls drawn Friday with numbers 01-04-14-17-40.

As of Monday afternoon, the winners had not come forward, said Jeff Holyfield, a spokesman for Michigan Lottery. 

It's common for winners to wait a while before claiming their prize, Holyfield said. Michigan Lottery gives winners one year to come forward. 

"Sometimes people want to talk to a financial planner or an attorney to decide how they want to handle (the winnings)," Holyfield said. 

Winners of state drawings, such as Lotto 47, can remain anonymous as state law does not require them to be publicly named. However, a winner can waive this rule and go public if they choose, Holyfield said. 

Multi-state drawings, such as Mega Millions, require winners to be named, he said. 




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