Highland Park police are investigating after the body of a black male in his 20s was found in a home Tuesday, two days after the house was set ablaze.

Firefighters responded to the 230 block of Richton on Sunday at 9 p.m., and extinguished a house fire, said Marli Blackman, spokeswoman for the city. The area is south of Davison and west of Woodward.

On Tuesday afternoon, fire investigators returned to the home to identify the cause of the fire. That's when they found the victim, dead and shot in his head. 

The victim’s body was found on the first floor, under the rubble created when the second floor collapsed, said Blackman.

Police now believe the fire was set to mask the homicide. Authorities aren't sure if the man, or anyone else, lived in the home. They are continuing the investigation.



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