Burned dog rescued, Dearborn shelter offers reward

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
Phoenix is recovering Saturday.

A Dearborn animal shelter is offering a $2,000 reward Saturday for information leading to the person responsible for burning a dog rescued by police. 

The Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit said the dog was rescued by Dearborn police who received a call from a resident who found the injured dog Friday on the city's east side. 

She was brought to the Dearborn shelter for treatment and assistance. After being examined, the dog appeared to have been burned numerous times over a period of time. She's a mixed breed, estimated between 1 to 3 years old. 

Elaine Greene,  the shelter's executive director, said the dog, who they've named Phoenix, was kind despite being abused. 

“In spite of the horrific nature of the injuries, (she's) very trusting of people," Greene said. "She was treated today and will recuperate at the shelter.

"Cruelty to animals makes us sick. Our staff has named the dog Phoenix because we want to see her rise again,” Greene said.

The shelter originally offered a $1,000 reward and received an anonymous donation doubling the reward. 

Editor's note: Graphic image of Phoenix after surgery.


Pheniox was found burned and underwent surgery.

Contact the shelter at (313) 943-2607 with any information about the abuse of the dog. To donate to the surgery and medical treatment of Phoenix, visit metrodetroitanimals.org.


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