Westland Police Department, with an assist from the city's department of public works, reunited a family of ducks Monday morning after four ducklings were caught in a sewer.

The 911 call about the sewer-trapped ducklings came in about 8:30 a.m., said Sgt. Robert Wilkie. The sewer in question is at Ford Road and Parent, which is west of Wayne Road.

The caller had been attempting to pull some of the ducks out using a tennis racket. Police arrived and an Officer Johns was able to use a tennis racket to pull out three of the four ducklings. Public works arrived and contributed a large net and pulled out the last duckling.

Officers dropped off the ducklings south of Ford Road, but the mother was hesitant to approach, given the human presence. When there were no people in the immediate area, the mother returned and the family was reunited.



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