Dearborn — Leaders of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn are addressing concerns from its attendees saying it will no longer welcome Israeli military personnel at the masjid.

The Islamic Center of America, which claims to be the largest in the nation, released a statement on its Facebook page on staying they "understand and support the concerns raised by members of our community..." 

Based on a U.S. State Department and National Defense University request, the Islamic Center received a delegation of 67 military officers from many countries. The statement was posted on May 12 after an Israeli officer was "regretfully" included in the Center's interfaith program. 

"The Center never had or will have any intentions of honoring such officer," according to the statement. "... Our Board of Trustees and administration will take the necessary measures to ensure that no Israeli military personnel will be received at the ICA in the future, as we continue our interfaith outreach program."

The statement comes as Gaza boarder protests continue after at least 59 Palestinians killed earlier this week when the U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem on Monday.

Leaders from the mosque did not immediately respond to news requests Saturday.

Facebook user Ali Shamel commented: "Inviting and honoring men of war to the house of God who are trained to follow orders and kill whether be Muslims or non Muslims at the receiving end goes against the teaching of Islam and our prophet pbuh," in response to the post.  "Islam is humanity and always standing with the oppressed no matter who they are."



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