$1K reward for tips in Dearborn dog abuse case

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

A Dearborn dog rescue organization is offering a $1,000 reward for tips to find whoever left a female dog with more than 200 puncture wounds.

Police found the stray dog and brought her to the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit for treatment Tuesday, the group said.

“How could we say no to this poor animal even though the shelter is completely full with other adoptable animals?,” Elaine Greene, the group's executive director, said in a statement. “She has tubes all over her body now, but she’s clearly a survivor. We’ve named her Emlyn, which is an English name for a brave and noble warrior.”

Emlyn has more than 200 puncture wounds.

Greene urges anyone who has information about the dog or her abusers to speak out.

“Somebody had to have witnessed this horrible incident," she said. "Please contact the shelter at (313) 943-2697 with any information so we can prosecute this person.”

The animal rescue group has taken the dog to the Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital to be treated for her wounds.

“This dog has more than 200 puncture wounds, some fresh and some that probably occurred over the last few months, and was most likely used as bait in dog fights,” Jeffrey Disik, a veterinarian at the hospital said in a statement. “She also has bacterial infections in several areas. Thankfully, she is recovering nicely and will be returned to FAMD in the next day or two.”

Emlyn has more than 200 puncture wounds.

The rescue group is also accepting donations to help pay for the cost of the dog's care. To donate, log on to its website.


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