Faulty Redford siren sends out false tornado warning

Redford Township Police

The nerves of some Redford Township residents were rattled in the wee hours Friday by a blaring tornado warning, which turned out to be a false alarm.

Neighbors living in the area of Seven Mile and Beech Daly area were awakened around 2:30 a.m. by the blasting siren warning them of a tornado, said Redford Police Sgt. Richard Cory Friday.

But it turns out there was no tornado. There was a thunderstorm, however, and Cory thinks that may have tripped the siren at Seven Mile and Norborne.

"It was part of an older tornado warning system that was still operable but we had no control over," said Cory, who added the siren was not part of the newer system the city of Redford now uses.

Cory said the faulty siren caused worried residents to call into the Redford Police Department.

"We received lots of call," said Cory. "I'm sure (residents) were upset."

Cory said the storm, which rolled through Redford early Friday, also knocked out the Redford Police Department's electrical power but that the department is using a generator.