Dearborn — Ray and Lisa Alcodray spent most of their lives involved in performing arts. Now they are giving back.

The couple did a soft open of the Black Box Gallery at 3700 Monroe Street in west Dearborn on June 22. More than 25 artists are on display.

They found a building, a former party store, and "started talking about what we could do for the community," said Ray Alcodray. 

"We decided to go back to what we know best — the arts." 

The Black Box joins a growing art scene, with the national Artspace Lofts opening in the city's former City Hall in September 2016. 

Within seven months, the Alcodrays opened the contemporary space in 3,600 square feet and bigger plans. 

"The idea is to have a space for one-of-a-kind art, art that you're not going to find at a local fair or online, and to showcase 60 percent more art by frequently changing displays," said Alcodray, who formerly worked as an IT engineer. "Anytime you come back, you can expect to see something new."

The family plans to host a grand opening in August and feature a coffee shop and retail space with artworks and gifts. 

The opening exhibition runs through July 15 and features works of John Parlangeli, Ann Smith, William Black, Sanda Cook, Alyssa Klash and the owner's daughter, Sarah Alcodray.   

A donation gains you access to the gallery, which is open from noon to 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. The family plans to hold art classes, private events and open-mic nights.

Laura Burke of Dearborn was driving around the area on her way to a community garden when she stopped by  the Black Box Gallery on Saturday. 

"It's breathtaking to see art being brought into the city," said Burke. "You see a lot of restaurants in Dearborn, not so much art. It'll be great for the community and children to see art instead of being on their phones."

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