Dearborn — A man who claimed a Dearborn police officer stole money from him during an Oct. 1 traffic stop is facing a charge of filing a false police report, Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said. 

Haddad addressed the Hector Vasquez-Arreguin traffic stop Monday during a press conference at the police station. The 19-year-old Melvindale resident was pulled over for driving without a license and his vehicle was impounded. 

 After the incident, Vasquez-Arreguin returned to the Dearborn Police Department and made a complaint, alleging that the officer who stopped him not only stole $700 from him, but ignored a rifle that was unsecured and in plain view in his vehicle.

Those complaints triggered an internal investigation into the officer’s actions that’s still ongoing. Haddad indicated there were some “procedural” issues with the stop.

“We were very fortunate that enough of (the stop) was caught on body cameras and dash cameras,” Haddad said Monday. 

Haddad said he didn't want to discourage the public from filing legitimate complaints about police officer behavior. 

But, the chief said, the complainant made his claims vocally in the community, and “stuck to his story” despite investigators believing no theft had taken place and there was no gun present.

Vasquez-Arreguin now faces one count of filing a false police report.

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