Dearborn — A "nanny cam" installed at a Dearborn woman's home in an effort to catch her boyfriend's alleged abuse of an autistic boy on tape found no evidence of that, but did capture the man's alleged attacks on a cat, police said.

The alleged assaults on the cat were reported on Nov. 26. Police responded to a home on the 2600 block of Bennett. The area is south of Michigan Ave. and east of Telegraph.

Police say the woman believed her boyfriend had victimized her son, and set up the camera to digitally catch the man, identified as Blair Langston, 36, in the act.

What the camera allegedly caught instead, said Police Chief Ronald Haddad Monday at a press conference, was Langston "kicking, hitting, and flinging" the cat around, in front of the boy.

Officers arrested Langston that day for torturing an animal. 19th District Court records showed that Langston was due for a probable cause conference Tuesday at 1 p.m., before Judge Mark Somers. 

At his arraignment, Langston had been given $100,000 bond, but as of Tuesday morning Wayne County Jail records still list him as an inmate.

The cat will survive, Haddad said.


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