2 killed in Trenton when car hits side of moving train

Charles E. Ramirez
Trenton Police Department vehicle

Trenton – Police continue to investigate a deadly Saturday crash between a car and a train, officials said.

Steven Voss, director of Trenton's Police and Fire Services, said Tuesday detectives are still waiting for confirmation of the victims's identifications.

"We don't have the actual IDs of the victims yet," he said. "We're still investigating."

Voss said he cannot confirm the two people identified by media reports were the victims, pending positive confirmation from the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office. A spokeswoman for the office couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.

Authorities said they believe the crash killed two people who were in a car that slammed into the side of a moving train at about 2:15 a.m. Saturday.

Voss also said the investigation has been difficult because the wreckage was strewn along the railroad tracks for about six miles. On top of that, a snowstorm arrived in the area about an hour after the crash happened Saturday and made the search for evidence even more complicated.

He said the train was traveling south and the victim's vehicle was traveling east on Van Horn Road towards Jefferson Avenue. The train had been traveling on its track for about three minutes when the car broadsided it, according to Voss. . 

"The engineer had no idea the train had been it," the director said. "And that's why the train didn't stop for about six miles."

Voss said he didn't think there have been many car-train collisions at the railroad crossing where Saturday's crash happened. 

"This railroad crossing hasn't been a problem before," he said. "In my 25 years here, this is the first one I can remember happening at that railroad crossing. We've had others at other crossings, but this is a unique situation."


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