A Dearborn native helped save a man buried vertically upside down in snow following a ski accident in Colorado over the weekend.

Tom Nern, who owns a dermatology business in Colorado and is from Michigan, helped dig out Michael Lausch of Ohio after falling into a "snow well" while celebrating his 40th birthday on Vail Mountain.

"There was just two boots sticking out of the snow toes up," Nern told WXYZ-TV (Channel 7), after he and his wife, Dr. Karen Nern, heard a woman scream and they found the 6-foot Lausch buried head first.

A half-dozen Good Samaritans helped the Nerns dig out Lausch, who had turned blue  after oxygen was cut off for 10 minutes while he was buried, according to WKYC-TV in Columbus.

Karen Nern and another bystander performed CPR on him. Lausch was said to have made a quick recovery at the hospital, according to the Associated Press.

"There was angels on the mountain that day,” Lausch told WKYC, "and those people were my angels."

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