Two dogs left in a bathroom at Petco in Allen Park have been taken in by a local rescue group.

The dogs were left at the store Saturday evening, said P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue, which arranged foster care for both pups.

One dog, a senior who is black with a graying muzzle, has been named Marigold. The other, who may be her offspring, is a brown-and-black color and was dubbed Daffodil. Both are in emergency foster care, sporting bandanas around their necks.

A video of the dogs after they had been rescued by P.O.E.T. rescue shows the pups exploring and frolicking in a the back yard of the foster care home. 

"They do appear bonded," a woman with the group says in the rescue's Facebook post.

Both dogs will be taken to a veterinarian for checkups and behavioral assessments and will be available for adoption or a permanent foster home.

"We've already gotten applications for both of them (to be adopted) together," said Carol Lair, a P.O.E.T. board member. "They do seem really attached, the younger one to the older one."

Lair said the manager of the Allen Park Petco told the rescue group that the dogs were abandoned Saturday night by a couple in the store. Lair said the manager talked to the couple about why they didn't have collars on the dogs and was told they had forgotten the collars. The couple appeared headed to the dog food aisle. Instead, it appears they deposited the dogs in a bathroom, where they were discovered when they began to cry out, Lair said. 

The dogs stayed overnight in a crate in the Petco office and were picked up Sunday by P.O.E.T. rescue.

"They are adjusting," Lair said. "They get nervous when we try to do anything different with  them."

Lair said the circumstances of the rescue "took even me by surprise."

She said she was smitten when the oldest dog "climbed over everything in my car" from the back, including crates, and moved into the front seat, then onto her lap during the ride to foster care.

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