Dearborn — Police are increasing patrols at all schools in Dearborn, public and private, Wednesday after investigating online threats overnight, Police Chief Ronald Haddad told The Detroit News.

Haddad said the alleged threats started on Snapchat but "migrated over" to Facebook, and that three minors are believed to be involved.

He declined to say whether any arrests have been made.

"It started out basically saying 'I'm going to get you, I'm going to do something to you,' and someone else added the word 'shooting' in there," Haddad said. "The danger with one of these is that other people see it. You never know who else might be inspired or motivated by these postings, and that's the real threat.

"We had a young man post a threat on social media, and, as social media goes, it always picks up life," Haddad said. "I can say we take these type of cases very seriously. We've coordinated overnight to make sure schools would be safe this morning."

Police say there are "no known threats at this time," but have increased their patrols at all schools within city limits. The investigation is ongoing.

David Mustonen, a spokesman for Dearborn Public Schools, said the online threat targeted Edsel Ford High School, which is on the 20600 block of Rotunda Drive. The threat, he said, was "proven to be noncredible," so school was allowed to remain in session for the district's 21,000 students.

He praised Edsel Ford students for informing school officials of the threat.

"We have a big presence on social media — probably not on Snapchat, but on all of the other social media platforms," Mustonen said. "I think our presence there helps us during these (threats). We can't be every place, everywhere, at every time, so we do rely on involvement from the entire community to help us stop these things before they get out of hand, before rumors start spreading, before it becomes a panic situation."


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