Detroit — A Wayne County woman is suing Spirit Airlines for allegedly "recklessly" removing her daughter from a flight from Tampa to Detroit without her knowledge.

Stacy Giordano alleges that on April 9, 2018, after she placed her daughter  in a seat near the front of the plane in an exit row, she and her son took two other seats near the rear of the aircraft. Both children were identified as minors in the complaint, but no ages were listed.

 For unexplained reasons and allegedly without Giordano’s knowledge or permission, the girl was removed from the plane by Spirit employees to make room for another passenger.

According to the complaint, Giordano didn’t realize the girl was gone until she went to check on her in mid-flight to Michigan. Giordano said she and her daughter both experienced extreme emotional distress and she personally “became sick, suffered a panic attack and suffered great emotional distress, extreme fear, horror, mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma” in not being able to find out about her daughter’s whereabouts until the flight landed in Detroit. She then learned the girl was at Tampa International Airport, alone and unsupervised, for three more hours before she was placed on another flight to Detroit.

The lawsuit, assigned to Wayne Circuit Judge Lita Masini Popke, alleges Spirit  employees were ill-trained to handle the situation and as a result of their "careless and negligent" actions, she and her family have suffered more than $75,000 in damages.

A Spirit spokesman reached Wednesday night said he was unfamiliar with the incident and did not comment on the complaint.

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