Feds accuse Redford woman of murder-for-hire plot

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News
An FBI agent alleges in a court filing that a Redford women tried to hire a hit man to kill her significant other to collect on his life insurance policy.

Detroit — Federal officials say a Redford woman tried to hire someone to kill her significant other so she could collect on his life insurance policy.

Kersten Nicole Evans, 40, is accused of using interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire and soliciting another person to commit a crime of violence, according to a federal criminal complaint unsealed last week.

Evans could not be reached for comment Monday.

In the complaint, an FBI special agent said Evans approached a confidential source of the agency to asked him to kill "her significant other." The source is facing charges in state court on an unrelated matter and agreed to cooperate with FBI agents in exchange for leniency and to "keep Evans from succeeding in her plot," said the complaint, which was unsealed Friday.

The informant told agents Evans asked him to kill the 63-year-old man so she could collect on his $440,000 life insurance policy, according to the documents. She also allegedly told him she had saved up $8,500 toward a $10,000 payment to kill the victim. She allegedly said she was waiting for her tax return to make up the difference.

According to the FBI agent, the informant told Evans he wasn't a killer, but had a cousin in Cincinnati who could do the job. The informant made up the cousin "Milton" to keep Evans from hiring someone else to kill the victim, the agent said.

On Feb. 20, the informant recorded a call to Evans in which he told her Milton would be in town and that they were going to meet with him at a McDonald's on Telegraph at Five Mile in Redford.

Their conversation was recorded, the agent said. His informant told Evans that Milton would be in Detroit two days later. He also said Milton needed the victim's schedule and routes. Evans eventually provided him with the information.

A meeting between Evans, the source and Milton was arranged for Feb. 22, but Evans never showed.

Over the next few weeks, Evans and the informant continued to communicate until April 11, when they met again with an undercover agent who pretended to be Milton. The FBI recorded the conversation.

At one point, Evans allegedly gave Milton $100 to get a cellphone and agreed to pay $5,000 to have the victim killed, according to the complaint.

Five days later, the agent texted Evans and asked her to send him a picture of the victim and his car.

On April 17, Evans allegedly used her phone to text Milton three photos: one of the address where the victim works in Southfield; one of the rear of the victim's vehicle and license plate and one of an identification card with the victim's picture on it.

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