Wyandotte — A Right to Life of Michigan office was vandalized overnight Friday with the words "hands off" in red paint in an incident organization officials say has been reported to the police.

Officials who work at the the Wayne County Educational Resource Center said the vandalism was first seen by a worker approaching the facility at 7 a.m. An office manager said the Wyandotte police were called and a report was made. Wyandotte police did not immediately return a call for comment.

The vandalism happens as the debate over abortion is at a fever pitch across the country with states like Alabama and Georgia passing restrictive laws essentially outlawing the controversial procedure except in the cases of saving the mother's life.

"We’re very disappointed by this irresponsible act at our Wayne County Educational Resource Center," said Chris Gast, a spokesman for Right to Life of Michigan based in Grand Rapids.

"Thankfully nothing was damaged and volunteers have already cleaned up most of the mess. The yard sale there will proceed as planned today. We encourage whoever did this to come forward and apologize. The abortion debate should be handled peacefully, without violence or vandalism."

Right to Life officials at the Wyandotte office had tarps covering up tables and items for the group's annual yard sale fundraiser just below the vandalized window. There was also spray paint on the of the back of the building, officials said.

The vandalism comes as Right to Life of Michigan has been promoting a "dismemberment ban" and a petition drive to lobby state officials to push for stricter abortion laws. Right to Life would need roughly 8% of the vote tally in the 2018 governor’s race, roughly 340,000 signatures.

The procedure involves dilation of a woman’s cervix, vacuum aspiration and surgical removal tissue from the uterus using instruments such as forceps.

The House and Senate passed separate bills Tuesday banning the common later-term abortion procedure after prolonged debate in the chambers. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has told reporters she would veto the legislation once it hits her desk.

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