A Dearborn mother is earning kudos after she reported saving six youths from her burning SUV this week.

A post on the Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook page attributed to Fayrouz Bazzi described the harrowing incident Wednesday.

Bazzi wrote that she, her family and other boys she described as "like my own" were headed to Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi for school supplies when she noticed flames erupting from the front left side.

"I immediately merge to the farthest right lane as I’m telling the boys that they need to jump out of the truck as fast as they can," the post read. "I made sure all of them came out safe before I left the car where I had to jump over the flames! All of us stayed in a safe place and did our best to keep other vehicles from driving close to the flaming car as we watched it completely burn."

Video footage attached to her post showed the SUV engulfed in flames near a highway sign.

Bazzi, who could not be reached for comment Friday night, said Farmington police and fire officials responded quickly.

"I cannot thank them enough for their immediate prompt response time, making sure all were safe and not in harms way as the truck was burning and fire spreading, putting out the fire, being so humble and hospitable, giving a group of 7 people a courtesy ride in their fire trucks to the fire department and treating us like family with their hospitality and friendliness until we left," she wrote.

"What was a scary and dangerous experience became a blessing and a positive adventure to my boys (all 6 of them)."

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