Driver hospitalized after crash causes fire in Grosse Pointe Farms

Evan James Carter
The Detroit News

Grosse Pointe Farms — A driver was hospitalized over the weekend after losing control of his vehicle and colliding with another car in a yard while speeding through a Grosse Pointe Farms neighborhood, authorities said.

Debris lay strewn across the front of homes on Moross Road in Grosse Pointe Farms after an SUV struck a utility pole near their homes as well as the white picket and black metal fences in front of the homes

The driver of an "SUV-type" vehicle was speeding through County Club Lane around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, police said. When reaching Moross, the driver collided with a vehicle, struck a utility pole and ended up in a front yard. Both vehicles caught fire, Grosse Pointe Farms police said.

The driver of the SUV was pulled from his vehicle by two off-duty police officers and civilian. He was taken to St. John's hospital, police said. 

A white rock with the address “200” on it was displaced more than 50 feet after being struck by an SUV on Saturday, August 31

Neighbors described how the crash left a path of destruction on Moross. Tree limbs were down in some yards and parts of white picket fencing and a black metal fence were strewn across lawns.

DTE Energy officials tended to the utility pole after the crash left the street without power briefly. A large limestone rock with a Moross address was thrown about 50 feet, neighbors said.

Tim Kopacka was visiting with his son on Ridgemont Road when he said he heard a loud noise. He went to the scene and saw flames from the crash as high as 15-feet, he said.

"A bomb, it sounded like a bomb," said Kopacka, 60, of Grosse Pointe Shores. "I expected to hear screaming, or car doors, or anything. It was silent. Dead silent, and so I kept on thinking, 'Gosh, maybe I should walk over and see what that was.'

"... The car was on fire."

A portion of white picket fence was laying in the front yard of a home on Moross Road in Grosse Pointe Farms after being separated from the rest of the fence when an SUV hit it on Saturday, August 31 around 5:30 p.m.

The crash shocked neighbors and led them to check on one another in the aftermath.

Roman Sudney, 44, was in the basement of his brother's home on Moross when he heard what he thought was an electrical power surge. When he went outside, he said he saw "scattered debris and a little bit of smoke."

Their mother, Josephine Sudney walked over to Moross from her Lakeview Avenue home and said she saw a white SUV and its "whole front end was gone."

Grosse Pointe Farms Police Department said the cause of the crash was undetermined and the investigation was turned over to Michigan State Police.

Detroit News Staff Writer Sarah Rahal contributed to this report.