Canton — Police in the western Wayne County suburb of Canton are investigating a successful smash-and-grab ATM robbery at a movie theater early Wednesday morning.

The robbery took place just before 3:40 a.m. at Emagine Canton, which is on the 39500 block of Ford Road, east of North Lotz.

Lt. Joseph Bialy of Canton Public Safety said the 911 call came in from the theater's cleaning crew, after a blue 2004 Dodge Ram crashed through the front of the building.

"It was pretty brazen," Bialy said. "Imagine you're cleaning up when this happens."

No one was hurt, and there was no physical contact between the thieves and the cleaners.

After making a hole in the building, the Ram rammed the ATM machine, "splitting it open," Bialy said, before the ATM's contents were taken. "At least three" people are suspected of taking part, Bialy said.

No descriptions were immediately offered of the thieves. Police say none of the surveillance footage will be released to the public "at this time." 

Police believe the Dodge Ram was stolen. The cleaning crew's description of the vehicle matched the report of a stolen vehicle from a nearby apartment complex.

The Ram, police said later Wednesday, was found at a nearby business. 

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