A passenger at Detroit Metropolitan Airport is facing civil penaltieis after the Transportation Safety Administration found an empty replica grenade in a checked bag, the agency said.

The incident occurred on Oct. 1 and was profiled on the TSA's blog where the agency detailed other confiscated items found recently. 

Between Sept. 23 and Oct. 6, the TSA says it screened 32 million passengers and found 206 firearms, razors, and replica explosives, among other items, in passenger's carry on and checked luggage.

The Detroit traveler wasn't the only one to have a replica grenade: on Sept. 26, agents found two empty replica grenades in a checked bag at San Antonio International Airport in Texas.

Grenades aren't the only replica explosives passengers have attempted to bring onto domestic flights in the past month. On Sept. 30 the TSA found a replica 155MM projectile in a carry on bag at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

When the TSA finds explosive devices, even replica ones, the agency said it calls an explosives specialist, which can lead to delays or missed flights. On top of that, the passenger that tried to bring the explosive could face arrest and a civil penalty.

For a list of prohibited items, passengers can use the What Can I Bring? tool. Those with questions about the security process, can reach out to AskTSA on Twitter or Facebook. The AskTSA team will answer "even the most outlandish travel-related questions."

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