Officers had been to scene where fatal shooting took place before, Dearborn police chief says

Ariana Taylor
The Detroit News

Dearborn police had been to an apartment in the city before for domestic violence runs, but on Sunday morning, they arrived to find a woman being stabbed by her boyfriend after she made desperate calls saying she was being attacked, police said.

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad

Even neighbors, in calls to police the night before, said they felt threatened by the man in the hallway of the apartment building on the 22000 block of Park. But by the time officers  arrived, the man was gone.

When police arrived early Sunday, they could hear the victim's pleas for help. They forced their way inside and found a 43-year-old man attacking a 39-year-old woman inside of a narrow bathroom. 

The suspect was shot and killed by an officer, Dearborn's police Chief Ronald Haddad said Sunday at a news conference about the encournter.       

They did "what they were supposed to do," Haddad said.                                         

When officers entered the apartment the suspect, a 41 year old white male, was stabbing the victim.

Michigan State Police, whose Second District Investigation Section has taken over the probe for the Dearborn Police Department, said on Twitter that police were dispatched to the apartment "for a break in an apartment in the building."

"Officers used fatal force to protect the victim," MSP tweeted.

The woman was critically injured with wounds to her face, head and throat and is hospitalized in stable condition, Haddad said.

"The doctor at the hospital would comment that, had they not done what they did at the scene, the outcome for the woman would have been much different," Haddad said at a news conference Sunday morning. 

The victim, a 39-year-old female, was reporting to 911 she was being stabbed.

Haddad said police received calls and visited the apartment for domestic abuse several times in the past. The man was wanted for multiple felonies and a parole absconder. 

Haddad said the 15-year veteran officer who fired the shots will most likely be placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation is pursued. 

"I'm going to say that given the climate around the country and how officers are being attacked all around the country, that our officers relied on their training and did what they were supposed to do this morning," Haddad said.