Wayne County treasurer's office closes abruptly citing possible threats

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Detroit — The Wayne County Treasurer's office in Detroit's Greektown closed early Friday due to possible threats, officials said.

The office of Treasurer Eric Sabree is located at 400 Monroe near Brush Street.

Building at 400 Monroe Street, Detroit.

The Treasurer's office was notified by the Wayne County Sheriff's office about what it considered credible information on a possible threat stemming from protests in downtown Detroit at the TCF Center, where absentee ballots from Tuesday's presidential election had been counted.

Detroit police officers have been at the scene since Wednesday when some Republican and Democratic poll challengers were barred from entering the convention center's room where Detroit's absentee ballots were being counted. Both parties had surpassed the mandated maximum of 134 challengers with more than 200 each.

Other protesters and poll watchers who have gathered outside the center also have made accusations of voting fraud without providing direct evidence and questioned how ballots were being tabulated.

Biden was declared the winner of Michigan on Wednesday and finished ahead 51%48% over President Donald Trump in unofficial results with all precincts reporting.  

Police officers had already towed at least one vehicle that belonged to a man who was among the demonstrators, the driver of the Trump Unity Bridge. The man was later taken into police custody.

The treasurer's office was closed "in the best interest of the safety of taxpayers and our staff," officials said, adding no direct threat was made against the office.

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