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Hamtramck City Council ousts member from mayor pro-tem post

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

The Hamtramck City Council voted Tuesday to strip the mayor pro tempore title from one of its members who has been censured twice in the last three years.

The panel voted 3-2 for the resolution against Ian Perrotta, which cited his previous censures for "inappropriate and demeaning conduct" and stated he "has lost the support of a majority of this council both to lead it in the mayor’s absence and to represent the city as a whole when the mayor cannot do so."

Ian Perrotta

The resolution, introduced Tuesday night by council members Mohammed Hassan and Fadel Al-Marsoumi, also said "the credibility of this council will erode as long as" Perrotta held the position.

There was little discussion during the virtual meeting about what prompted the measure, which came less than three months after the council voted to censure Perrotta following accusations that he berated a municipal employee.

In January 2019, the council approved another resolution against Perrotta for “assaultive, abusive and uncivil conduct,” city records show. 

Before the vote Tuesday, Perrotta questioned the timing of the move and said he believed it resulted from being targeted by councilmembers who continually clash with him.

"This whole thing is a farce; it’s a petty misuse and abuse of the office of the City Council and it’s also part of a giant con," he said.

Later, citing his work to help residents and boost city projects, Perrotta added: "... Just as there is a clear difference between the councilmembers who are attempting to strip my title from me and me, there is also a clear difference between the person I am portrayed as and the person I really am.

"The public has shown that they can see through the B.S., and I am confident that they will again see that this is nothing but another attempt in a long and disgraceful history of other members of this council working against me rather than for the city."

The council voted to replace Perrotta, who remains on the panel, with Al-Marsoumi. They initially sought to have another councilmember, Mohammed Alsomiri, fill the role, but he declined.

Hassan, Al-Marsoumi and Alsomiri voted to oust Perrotta.

Councilwoman Andrea Karpinski joined Perrotta in voting against the resolution. 

"It’s infuriating that this attack on Ian is continuing," she said before the vote.

Some residents who spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting defended Perrotta and echoed his sentiments about unfair targeting.

Asm Rahman, a city resident, called the action "shameful" and a waste of a time.

"This man has been punished already," he said.

Al-Marsoumi and Hassan did not immediately respond to request for comment Tuesday night.