State officials suspend Garden City child care facility's license

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

A Garden City child care home's license has been suspended after one of its charges allegedly put another child in a clothes dryer and turned it on, state officials said Thursday.

The Child Care Licensing Bureau of Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said it has suspended and plans to revoke the license of Kathleen Mayhue-Radeback.

The bureau alleges Mayhue-Radeback, who operates a facility located at 30599 Marquette near Henry Ruff and Ford roads, failed to provide appropriate care and supervision of children at the facility and failed to provide accurate information to the agency's investigators.

Mayhue-Radeback has the right to appeal and ask for an administrative hearing. She received her state license to operate a family child care facility in 2019 with capacity for six children, according to the department.

Under a state order issued Nov. 3, Mayhue-Radeback is prohibited from operating a family child care facility at any location, unable to accept children for care and required to inform all the guardians of children in her care that her license has been suspended and cannot provide child care services.

State officials began investigating Mayhue-Radeback's facility in August after she took one of the children in her care to a hospital and told a nurse she was "stressed out" because one of her charges had put another child in a clothes dryer and turned it on.

Later, the child who was put into the machine told her mother it was "hot, and it was dark and hurt my back." She also told her that Mayhue-Radeback got her out of the dryer. 

They also said Mayhue-Radeback failed to inform the bureau within three days that one of her charges was admitted and released from a hospital in January following mental health treatment.

Furthermore, investigators said Mayhue-Radeback denied the incident involving the clothes dryer happened, despite the child's statement to the nurse and a social worker. Officials said the child's mother also told investigators the child admitted to putting the other child in the dryer.

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