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Dearborn officials warn of online phishing scam; police seek information

Hannah Mackay
The Detroit News

Scammers using social media to impersonate Dearborn city officials are trying to defraud residents, officials warn. 

Some members of the Dearborn community have reported being contacted through various social media channels by people falsely claiming to be the chief of police or members of Dearborn's city council, according to a news release from Dearborn. 

The scammers are phishing, or attempting to extract personal information from residents, to then get financial or personally identifying information to commit fraud.

The Dearborn Police Department asks anyone who receives the messages to block and report users who sent them. Government agencies and elected officials never communicate this way, it said, and will not ask for money or personal information.

For more information, residents may call the Dearborn Police Department at (313) 943-2132.

To protect against scammers on social media, the Federal Trade Commission suggests people avoid sending personal and financial information to any user claiming to be from the government, avoid wiring or sending any money and do not click on sensational-sounding claims in emails.