Detroit police search for 15-year-old accused of carjacking, trying to run over cop

Kara Berg
The Detroit News

Detroit — Detroit police are asking for the community’s help to find a 15-year-old boy who they believe was involved in a carjacking and who allegedly attempted to kill a police officer with his vehicle, the police chief said. 

Police are looking for Michael Malik Brown, who allegedly fled from police in a stolen vehicle Sunday allegedly after ramming into two patrol vehicles and nearly running over an officer, police Chief James White said.

An undercover Detroit officer spotted on Sunday night an SUV reported stolen earlier that day, according to a news release from police. The officer called for marked police units to investigate. 

Michael Malik Brown

When officers arrived, they encountered the driver of the SUV at a Citgo gas station at Eight Mile and Glastonbury Avenue, White said. Two occupants of the vehicle surrendered when officers approached, but the driver backed into one squad car, then drove over the front of another. He drove straight at an officer, who had to “literally roll out of the way” so he wouldn’t be crushed by the vehicle, White said. 

That officer and two others fired nine shots, none of which police believe hit Brown, said Christopher Graveline, the department’s director of professional standards.

Officers followed the SUV for three blocks before the driver crashed into a tree and fled on foot, Graveline said.

“We’re asking our community to help get him off the street before he hurts, injures, carjacks or assaults anyone else,” White said.

He noted that harboring Brown is a crime and anyone doing so could face charges. 

White said the department has been in contact with hospitals to determine if Brown arrived with a gunshot wound. He said he doesn’t expect Brown to  turn himself in, based on his response to officers Sunday. 

“He’s dangerous and he’s someone we need to get off the street immediately before he victimizes someone else,” White said. “He’s young but he’s very violent.”