Ex-Kalamazoo officer sues over discrimination

Associated Press

Kalamazoo – A former police officer has filed a lawsuit alleging he was unlawfully fired after complaining about discrimination based on his Egyptian descent.

Amir Khillah filed the lawsuit Monday against the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. He says the agency violated his civil rights and federal whistleblower protections by kicking him off the force following his complaints about a sergeant’s alleged discriminatory behavior.

The lawsuit says a supervisor called Khillah racist slurs and chastised him for issuing a warning instead of a ticket to a black motorist on Feb. 6. The suit alleges the city fired Khillah based on a misconduct report for the Feb. 6 traffic stop. Khillah says the report contains false information and was retaliatory.

Police Chief Karianne Thomas declined comment.