Detroit — You smell that?

That's the fragrance of a large fire burning Tuesday at a metal scrapyard in northwest Ohio wafting into Metro Detroit.

Phillip Shane said he first noticed "a faint, but persistent odor of burning rubber" when he went outside his home on Detroit's west side around noon to do some work in the yard.

"My wife was in the West Bloomfield area and texted me about it, too," he said.

Michigan authorities said Tuesday the cause was the scrapyard fire near Toledo.

"Reports across Oakland County this morning of the smell of burning electrical, rubber, or metal have been found to be from a very large fire at a scrap yard near Toledo, OH," officials with the Walled Lake Fire Department said in a post on the agency's Facebook page. "Winds have carried the smoke towards SE Michigan."

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office also sent out a bulletin about the smell Tuesday.

"Public safety officials on scene of the fire have advised that there are no major concerns regarding air quality and no further action is required."

The burning scrapyard is located in the village of Delta, Ohio, which is about 30 miles west of Toledo and about 20 miles south of the Michigan-Ohio border. Officials with the Delta Community Fire Department said at one time about 30 fire departments and 165 people were battling the blaze.

MetalX, the scapyard's owner, said the fire started at about 6 a.m. Monday. It was discovered by employees and the cause has yet to be determined. They said no injuries have been reported and no property has been damaged.

The fire started in a pile of scrap metal feedstock, usually sheet metal and unprepared steel, at a shredder.

“While this is truly an unfortunate event, we are most relieved that no one was hurt and that there is no impact on the health of our employees or the community," Danny Rifkin,  MetalX's CEO, said Tuesday in a statement. "We are grateful for the tireless efforts of the firefighters from the surrounding area that came to our aid, as well as the support from the village and the county during this event."

Shane said he planned to stay indoors and keep his windows and doors closed for the time being. "The smell is pretty bad," he said. "It's definitely not pleasant."

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