Obama's sip leaves Michael Moore ‘disappointed’

The Detroit News

As President Barack Obama spoke Wednesday in Flint about the water crisis there, filmmaker and former resident Michael Moore again spoke out about the response to the Genesee County city’s plight.

In an interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” the Oscar winner said he was “glad” the president visited but “what we needed were hundreds of Army Corps of Engineers digging up 75,000 pipes or providing housing for the people that no longer want their children poisoned by this water.”

When asked about whether he thought Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder can be part of the solution, Moore replied: “No, he’s the fox and you don’t ask the fox to repair the henhouse.”

Moore has long voiced concerns about the Flint water crisis. In January, he called for Snyder to step down and circulated an online petition urging the arrest of the Republican leader. The filmmaker also asked Obama to visit the beleaguered city when the president toured the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

In a clip from an interview with CNN that the network tweeted Wednesday, Moore addressed Obama’s assurances to Flint residents about the safety of certified filters during his visit. Obama encouraged most city residents to start drinking filtered water.

“To drink from a glass of ... Flint water when a number of experts are still saying that this water is not safe, it’s still going through the same corroded lead pipes — it was such a disappointing thing to see,” Moore said in the clip.