Meet the 2018 Michiganians of the Year

The Detroit News

Acrimony seems to define this new American era. With basic human rights in question for some, but not others, we inhabit a country divided. Happily, just when we need it, the courage and spirit of the 40th class of Michiganians of the Year remind us of our moral bearings.

The 2018 Michiganians of the Year.

There’s the mayor pumping life back into a city most wrote off, the mother who embodies the damage done by soulless politics, and the police officer who triumphed over the impossible.

There's the pastor that steers his church toward generous first purposes, a local businessman who does battle for Detroit kids and good schools, and a veteran female politician fighting corruption and smashing ceilings.

There's the university leader who is paving the way for diversity, the organ donation activist who is saving lives, and the sexual assault survivor whose bravery inspired institutional change. 

There's the writer and producer who is creating opportunities for those up-and-coming stars. And finally, there is the music legend who has never forgotten where she came from and never fails to give back.  

Cynicism may be the curse of the age, but these examples cut through the gloom and redeem our faith. We salute our 2018 Michiganians of the Year.

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