Pa. legislator exchanges gunshots with would-be robber

Associated Press

Harrisburg, Pa. — A Pennsylvania state legislator exchanged gunfire with a would-be robber near the state Capitol in Harrisburg.

City police said Wednesday that Rep. Marty Flynn and another lawmaker were walking to their residence after a late dinner just before 11 p.m. Tuesday when two men accosted them and demanded their wallets. Police say one of the two would-be robbers was armed, and that shots were exchanged.

A spokesman for House Democrats says Flynn is a former Lackawanna County prison guard who is licensed to carry a handgun. He says Flynn drew his pistol and exchanged shots with the robber.

Neither he nor the other lawmaker, Rep. Ryan Bizzarro from Erie County, was injured.

Harrisburg police say they have arrested four men and that the investigation is continuing.