1 of 2 victims of NYC explosion is officially ID’d

Meghan Barr
Associated Press

New York — The New York City mayor’s office says one of two bodies recovered after a building collapse and apparent gas explosion has been officially identified.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said Monday that the victim has been identified as 23-year-old Nicholas Figueroa. Figueroa was on a date at a restaurant Thursday when the explosion and fire leveled three buildings.

DNA testing will be done to identify the second body that was recovered Sunday. Restaurant worker Moises Locon was reported missing after the blast.

Police listed his last name as Lucon in a missing-person report, but the Guatemalan consul says it’s spelled Locon.

De Blasio has said someone may have improperly tapped a gas line before the explosion.

However, no official cause has been declared. Investigators haven’t yet reached the basement level.